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Support our RCMP Members in Nova Scotia. We are here to keep our communities safe.



Over 970 RCMP Members are proud to provide policing services to communities across Nova Scotia.

Nearly half of the province’s police officers are RCMP Members.

Our Members serve in 55 detachments in 40 municipalities and 13 indigenous communities.

Together they answer over 145,000 calls for service annually. 

The federal government pays 30% of the provincial taxpayers’ policing cost, which represents a ~ $74 million contribution.  

66% of Nova Scotians agrees that they benefit from the federal contribution of the cost of RCMP policing (Pollara, Jan. 2022). 

79% of Nova Scotians served by the RCMP are satisfied with the policing service they receive.  

Only 13% of Nova Scotians would prefer the RCMP to have less control over local policing. (Pollara, Jan. 2022). 

Only half of Nova Scotians say that they are adequate resourced for policing in their community (Pollara, Jan. 2022).

Quality policing requires investments to ensure Members have the resources to tackle evolving situations.  

RCMP Members provide multiple specialized services to municipalities in Nova Scotia, no matter the size.  

Forensics Identification, Collision reconstruction, Crisis Negotiation, Major Crimes, Traffic Services, Underwater Recovery Teams, Police Service Dogs, and many more. Check out the videos below to learn more about these services: 

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