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Town of Wolfville

The Town of Wolfville is currently undergoing a review of policing services. The review aims to assess the current delivery model of policing services in the community and different delivery model options.  

In January 2022, the Town created a Policing Services Review Committee to conduct the review and receive feedback from residents and stakeholders. 

RCMP in the Town of Wolfville 

The RCMP has been providing police services in the Town of Wolfville for more than 20 years.  

The town currently receives policing services from nine RCMP Members who live and work in and near the community, including a Sergeant and one detachment assistant. The RCMP was selected to police Wolfville in 2000 after a review contributed to a decision to move away from its own municipal police service. 

Read the full Wolfville Police Service Review submission to learn more about the Wolfville RCMP.

Show Your Support for the Wolfville RCMP

The Policing Services Review Committee is currently looking for community members’ feedback on the policing services provided in the town.

Show your support for your local RCMP officers and share your thoughts on the current RCMP policing model by participating here: Wolfville Community Feedback Survey