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Halifax Regional Municipality

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is currently undergoing a review of policing services, specifically looking at the unique integrated model that sees policing services in the Region provided by both the Halifax Regional Police (HRP) and Halifax District RCMP.  

Currently, the HRM has contracted PwC to develop a preliminary report related to the police services. The NPF has submitted a summary of key considerations on behalf of RCMP Members who live and work in and near Halifax to outline key concerns with the existing model and potential adjustments that should be explored as part of this review.  

Overview of Policing in Halifax Regional Municipality  

Policing services within the HRM are provided through an integrated policing service model by both the Halifax Regional Police (HRP) and the Halifax District RCMP.  

This integrated model is unique in Canada, with two police services operating within the same municipal boundaries, with separate areas of jurisdiction. At a high level, the HRP is responsible for urban areas, including downtown Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and West Halifax, while the Halifax District RCMP is responsible for more rural areas, including Cole Harbour, Lower Sackville, Musquodoboit Harbour, North Central, North Preston, Sheet Harbour, and Tantallon.  

While this specific integrated policing model in HRM is unique, other Canadian cities also use similar dual models for urban and rural policing.   

Key Issues 

Area of Jurisdiction 

– The HRP is responsible for a geographical area of roughly 200 km2, whereas the Halifax District RCMP cover a geographical area of 5,290 km2 , more than 26 times that of the HRP. 

– RCMP Members cover more ground in the course of their regular duties (i.e. responding to regular calls for service) as well as in the delivery of specialized services.  

– Rural policing presents additional challenges to RCMP Members, including longer response times due to a larger geographical landscape, having no to little police backup in dangerous situations, all while responding to new and emerging crime trends.

Police comparison in HRM 

Halifax Website Graphic V3

i. The HRP polices around ~264,000 of the city’s residents and the RCMP polices ~186,000 residents

ii. From the 2020-2021 Annual HRM Budget, the HRP received a total of $88,810,800 whereas the Halifax District RCMP received $29,419,000

iii. The HRP is responsible for a geographical area of approximately 200 km2 whereas the RCMP have a geographical area of approximately 5,290 km2