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Tell Cumberland County Council You Support the RCMP

Local RCMP Members provide Cumberland County residents with committed, effective policing services with significant cost-efficiency. The Municipality of Cumberland County Council recently announced that they will soon be accepting proposals for police services, which could result in the selection of a new policing service for the region. Police transition studies in other jurisdictions across Canada have identified significant cost and tax increases for residents.

RCMP Opinion Survey

Share with us your thoughts about the policing services in Cumberland County. We’d love you hear your feedback on the satisfaction of current policing services, public safety priorities, and your view of future policing in Cumberland County. The survey will  take less than 5 minutes of your time.

Community Engagement Town Halls

Thank you for everyone who attended the community town halls in March to discuss the ongoing policing service review. If you didn’t get the chance to attend one of the community’s town halls, you can view the virtual town hall below and our presentation here.

Through the National Police Federation’s community engagement town halls, we heard loud and clear that residents of Cumberland County do not want to move away from the RCMP and establish a new police service. Residents participating in the town halls overwhelmingly expressed that instead of establishing a new police service, they would rather see investments made into the current RCMP policing model.

You can read more about these town halls in our What We Heard Report that we submitted to Council earlier this week.  

RCMP in Cumberland County 

Significant savings

By having the RCMP as its police service, Cumberland County benefits from significant savings with the federal government contributing 30% of the cost of policing services. This means taxpayer funds can be focused on investing in other important community services, like healthcare.  

High training standards  

Cumberland County RCMP Members provide a standard of service and training that is among the highest in the country and not necessarily provided by other municipal police services.  

Specialized services  

Cumberland County residents benefit from a range of RCMP-provided specialized services to support public safety, including Police Dog Services, Forensics, Emergency Response Teams, Collision Reconstructionist, and more. Unlike municipal police services, the RCMP can draw on these specialized teams internally, and bring a large number of resources to bare when responding to an incident. 

A proud part of the community 

Cumberland Country RCMP Members are proud to live and work in the areas they serve. Our Members are actively engaged in the community and have deep personal, family, and social connections with residents in Cumberland County. 

Read the full Cumberland County Council Police Service Review submission to learn more about the Cumberland County RCMP.

Show your support for Cumberland RCMP Members by writing to the Mayor and Council